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Speed Tiger


The ST carbide cutting tools, best-selling in US, Japan and Europe, manufacture in Taiwan,
obtained the fine design product by the foreign trade association evaluation and the certificate in
May, 2001, and through the ISO 9001 international quality authentication by BVQI international
authentication company in October, 2002.
The ST cutting tool's tolerance indication entered the nanometer level precision, the world
highest precision size ± 2 μm in faith value enables the user to grasp the cutting tool's news
thoroughly, understood how to request the cutting tool quality, this item “cutting tool precision
indication” the pioneering work, causes in the international cutting tool industry shocks.
SPEEDTIGER company has been specializing in fields of cutting tool coating , the new
generation NANO coating ( TiSiN ) , this coating suitable in wet and dry cutting, 24 hour
processing for various soft and hard material, simultaneously may enhance the cutting tool's
degree of hardness, the intensity, the anti-high temperature, the heat-resistant knocking and
good toughness.
The ST cutting tool indicates a nanometer level on the tolerance ± 2 μm precision by the
laser; create the cutting tool industry beginning.
Surpasses 7000 kinds of carbide cutting tools, each monthly produces above 15 ten thousand,
over 50 ten thousand in the storehouse, SPEEDTIGER satisfies you on cutting tool's strict

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